Nature is the essence of grounding.

So deeply necessary for us!

Feeling deply connected within

and  secure in the space of Mother Earth

She gives us all!

And yes, it´s time to re-connect with her again.

Handle in co-creation- not longer in feeling isolated!

My abundance potpourri of nature for you

How can you participate

Your participation can be in different ways.

To experience nature LIVE it is necessary to come to my Live-Courses or Live-Tours in the forest.

And yes, if you want, that I could come to you:

Perhaps this is also possibly! Ask me, if you want, and we will see!


But mostly, the way to me is probably to far away.

So I desire to invite you to  my ONLINE-Courses, e-books, memberships, books,…. .

And you will find- building now up more and more- more hot stuff about…

…essential oils

…nature cosmetics

…wild gardening with the whole comunity of wild beings

…recipes with wild herbs, yummi fruits and homegrown vegetables,

…and so much more hot stuff!

Let me surprise you!

Hi friends

          my name is Ruth


I´m  a biologist and expert in wild herbs and their use in differnt ways of our life!

Normaly kids call mit „herbal fairy“ in my live-courses. Perhaps cause I´m not very tall.

I´m now an entrepreneur for over 7 years. The first time outside in nature, leading groups with adults, family or making funny group courses with kids.

With my third precnancy of my third son ( yes, you read right: I´m a totally proud boy-mum of three! I decided to switch my outdoor business to an online-business as a energetic coach (yes, because I´m also a exerminated energetic healer).

This was the best descision ever- especially for the last 2 years of pandemic! Working in my homespace, having my kids around and holding my wonderful courses.

And now?

It´s time to go back- deeper than ever- to nature!

I was sitting so much inside working on my PC the last years. And my body (and me) crave for nature pure!

So yes: NOW I´m back!

IN LIVE Courses, and with my knowledge (and re-learning of English) also back with this hot stuff ONLINE!

What a wonderful journey the last years!!! So much learnings and now it´s time to take them together for a realy big gift: FOR YOU!

It´s the beginning of something new (yes, you will see in videos ,workshops and so on, how I build step by step a paradise also on a realy steep slope. ) And on the other side only a re-coming of the old, I´ve teached for some years!

And now I´m ready for ALL!

Just let us enjoy the journey together!

You want to get more „nature stuff“?

 …about my courses, offers ,my videos and all about nature and reconnecten?

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