Sometimes distances are too wide from you and me!
Or time is not variable for a qhick herbal drive!
Or …
And sometimes – in our modern world- it´s a realy practical thing to meet each other- around the world – via ONLINE!

You get now my big invitation to come to my wonderful online events!

…about herbs
…about essential oils
..about making your nature cosmetics
..deeply trance-meditations in nature (at home feeling)
…and so much hot stuff, whats coming soon!
You want to know in which form?
Short events are mostly as a webinar in Zoom. Longer live events are also on Zoom. Mostly with a record!
And  yes, in future I will also make some online courses, where you can learn in your own time about a compact special theme! You can find all online courses  standing below, as soon as I create one! (Please be patient, I still need some time for creating!

Current Opportunities on ZOOM

Webinar about wild herbs (German)

“ Pep up your immun power & detox deluxe with nature!

Sunday, 19.03.2023 at 19.00h -20.00h

What you get:
Online on ZOOM
included script and practical tips​
Prize: 11€ (~11$)/ person; kids free

You have a question? Or wants to participate in my course?

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