You want to be LIVE with me on tour!
In the wonderful forests and grasslands round in the black forest?

You get now my big invitation to visit me on these tours and events!

In my opinion it´s every time better to see and taste nature.
If you have the wild herbs in your hands, see them with your eyes in all details and after that, mix it to delicious food or nature cosmetic: YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT!
And never will forget again!
It´s like learning to ride a bike! First it is difficult! But with a little practise, you never forget how to ride your bike!
AND YES: Nature IS delicious and gives you and your body EVERYTHING what you realy need!

So let´s start: What´s possible for you?

And yes, if you come from a very far country, exactly where I live there are many possibilites to go on vacation! Ask me, I can give you a big amount of adresses where it is lovely to be in your holidays!

Current Opportunities

Herbal Walks

Sunday, 26.02.2023   11.00h-13.00h

Sunday, 26.03.2023   11.00h-13.00h

What you get:
Herb hike with a small herb feast in nature and a script about the mentioned plants to take home
Prize: 22€ (~22$)/ person; kids 5€/person

You have a question? Or wants to participate in my course?

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